Loving mother

Loving mother

Hearts lead. … Loving mother of:

Month thin breeze, I was thinking, could not sleep. Always has something to talk with you. I like you, you spell out one day with blood and life for me, is your youth shelter for me, and make my life easy. Said: “Love is like water, love mountain. “But in my heart your love as clear as water, a mountain and majestic… …

But how much love has the inch-long grass, reported in the apartments.

Is a mother’s love, so my life has a beginning; is a mother’s love for my arms fly; is a mother’s love in the face of failure so I couldn’t lose hope. Success is not complacent. Mother is the miracle of my life. I can’t forget and cannot be detached.

You suck me up, and Iwant to thank you. You take care of me day and night, there are always speaking worry worry about my tuition, is the lamp you long solitary reading with me, you… …

MOM, daughter to hold your shirt when I grow up spoiled, was like you in my arms in caring love, listening to you tell duck stories. Your mother “dripping grace, hard for me to return,” I know I’m not that rich you want classy, allowing you to spend money, but get down to a good read, with their limited life to repay the motherland. You are always so quiet, selfless dedication, without remuneration, I admire you, be thankful you… …

MOM, you like the winter sun illuminates my heart, daughter of light, showed me the way; my mother, you are the pure water to keep my heart, wash away the daughter’s impetuous and restless heart… … Mother daughter loves you, I could not lose the one you love, you give the warmth of… …

MOM, I do not know exactly how without you I would, but I know your life is colorful. MOM I say this sentence, can only use the letters express, hopes you are not angry with me. I want to say to you is this: MOM, I love you, you are the sunshine of my life

Visiting the great wall

To the great wall is not a true man

Great Wall, with its “long” and “magnificent” and well-known in the world, is said to have the United States look to the Earth on the Moon the Moon sees only the great wall and the pyramids. Ever see on a television, computer images of the great wall, always looking to go to ride. The ancients said, ” the great wall is not a true man”, and finally, a dream come true, I would also like to be a “hero”! This evening, is immersed in the excitement.

Beijing Great Wall of Badaling great wall is the most famous, peer said. Ba Da Ling who got everyone crammed, so set the trip to the great wall at Jinshanling, is the so-called “travel is not, and playing.”

I read the first outlaws chapter was “wedge” the sound was first heard the songs of the wanderers “Introduction” but didn’t think climbing the great wall has a “sequence”. Feet principal walk is not world famous great wall, but modern stairs. Stairs is not short, climbing for a while, you are sweating. When yesterday started in Wuling is the cold shiver. Climb the great wall today is sunny. “People always feel that they are right now is the most unfortunate”. Hope sunshine yesterday, and today we had to review yesterday of cloudy air moist and comfortable. I do not know how long it takes. Part of the Jinshanling has emerged. Eye is the mind of the magnificent yellow line. Walking is a modern staircase. Wish I could fly on the wall, and began to appreciate ancient architecture. People really big results are boring. What would that be? We can only use “almost to the great wall:” this sentence has been to encourage her. At this time, I think “step, step less road, sooner or later, and will appear” this sentence. Go to a new level, from his little wall to a higher level. Sun seems a little too inviting, his dereliction of duty was guilty of yesterday, today make up too far, we all sweat, take a break for a while.

Although tired, but finally came to the great wall. See former is a complete beacon. Like a Boulder on the mountain yesterday, a strong yellow, concave-shaped wall seems to be at the top of the Millennium the brave symbol, used to attack deep in the hole in the wall as if it were their own memories of heaven and Earth, thick wall is its own fate says, brick pattern on the walls seems to record a hero who died in the name of. The first beacon tower stands tall, stood for thousands of years, it is the beginning of Jinshanling great wall, he is the chief hero of Jinshanling battlefield. I couldnot help think of the Battle Hymn of the holy war of the Soviet Union. Is Fergie’s identity, are to defend the people, is a drunken brawler’s feelings.

Peers who are resting, talking about tired! Much pain! I still have seven minutes of spirit, now I get mineral water, take a camera, volunteered to become head stroke, blood boiling to move forward.

Half way there I found. Road of the great wall is very difficult! The early deaths of steep, and there was a lot of gravel, stairs very difficult to separate levels, only slowly, while hand on the walls. Qin Shihuang, to resist the attack of the Huns, Qin, Zhao, and Yan, three capitals together, connected by a unique number one wall. Not just who said these words: “think of others is how! “Is the retaining wall on the south side. north side is concave convex wall. There can be shooting holes. Thought about 2000 years ago, just as it already is not easy. After the ravages of fire, some walls have broken a large, really scared to fall from here. Looked down, do not know is how tall precipitous cliffs. Tattered red mud had a real wall of thousands of years ago, appears to have worn, weathered, like the humble red clay also has been encouraging the soldiers.

This section of the great wall, the road is still a long way–full of full of broken bricks, and can no longer make out the step. I looked at on both sides, imagining from the air to see the scene: the sky is a thin layer, and lightly hit several layers of soft blue, a round shape is neither cluttered nor restraint, free and loose. Here, rolling acres of “meandering make waves.” Flowers, grass-green, green-blue, green, light green and yellow in the immense mountain, hillside, hillside evenly mixed in with. In the endless green, no end, doesn’t see the yellow line at the end of body curl squat in this picturesque between heaven and earth. Yellow, what good means: the central shaft is known as the Yellow Emperor, and that the great wall is yellow, there is “Central”, that is, the meanings of the Royal.

Come and a beacon tower, into the future, are a yellow wall.

There was no road?

Impossible, when standing on the hillside just now, sat there for quite a while yet. Ground is the tall weeds. Walking, all of a sudden just amazing with a companion. Be here to see, Hey! Next to the wall, where a very small tunnel, below stairs, levels very long, very narrow, it is inconvenient. Staircase concealed in such way! May here is at a important of Defense points, to prevent from here from taxi stroke was enemy fire by injury, so put stairs set in has wall of inside; may here original has a Board put stairs mouth cover live, prevent mole of into; may is to prevent enemy attack Uptown Hou relay of combat, so put this stairs design of bottom only a narrow of mouth……

It is worth mentioning that there is an iconic beacon, is a small tower above. Here is a large tower. Tower on the flagpole waving. From a distance it has recently seen a beacon tower, seems to be a general meeting of the Arc dc Triomphe in very grand towers. Entered the beacon Tower, only to find the Tower here obviously have good, at the stairs next to the levels, each level is very high, very wide, floor tiles and modern black smooth bricks, very convenient to go, suddenly I felt the huge differences of modern technology and ancient architecture.

After many a beacon in, we got on the tram.

This is true from a height overlooking the famous wall, but I had to look up at it. Mountains, this claw, with walls to the city, led by, with brick as scaly dragon appears old, seemed alive. Ancient Chinese bronze portraits of very elegant horse swallow and very atmospheric. Look at the huge wall, they discover that it has both a uniform down, and Chinese civilization through the ages. In it, I thought I saw Reese and 毅’s shadow. Between the ruined wall, I saw people’s hardships and wily of Zhao Gao. Regardless of the fact that it is not as vague as fog on the mountain, but it is not so straightforward. It can go through it all again and again how elusive. It has the courage to look you in the eye without fear. However, you can’t figure out what. Nevertheless, after reading the great wall, my mind is on the ancient imagination, feels like a dream.

Cloud then have long gone. The sun has come to head in the east. Only regardless of the time, regardless of the hardships of the great wall: wall bent, locked onto a, despite the fact that there was no news, but always make people feel are the soldiers lined with standing in the rough gasped. Beacon trace still standing there forever, like generals stood motionless staring at the far north.

Virtue, mirror of the life

Life is a book without words, is like a fairy riot! She makes us become great talent from ignorant; became independent from dependent; from naughty getting sensible! We can bring them to realize what she’s wonderful!

But sometimes some of the things in life that we lost used to things existing around us–the virtues of civilization. The Chinese nation is a huge civilized nation! We are descendants of the Chinese nation, to pass on more civilized virtues should be very good. Some people do not realize the virtues of this mean, some people understand the meaning of no practical action, some people regard virtue as the obligation of the citizen!

Here by my side, there are a lot selfless heroes! They may be very ordinary people doing extraordinary things! My cousin Luo Guoyi is such a man!

One day, we went to xylose’s house on the outskirts. Weather was good. We are happy to get on the bus! Soon enough, we’ll go to the xylose home. First step is, of course, labor, because you can replace time playing a computer! After a lot of busy work, we began to play computer games with my conscience. It so happened that xylose something out, our house for him. Game was in the middle of swing, a deafening sound broke a unique pleasant atmosphere! We’ll get to the “scene”: turns out to be a wine bottle on the ground! We will sweep it clean and then carefully dragged a bit, but the smell still filled the air in the room. My heart sounded from the door opening key voice was suddenly disturbed, like a frightened mouse. Suddenly the door opened, turned out to be axioms back! What this can be? Hey, say it like it is. Brother smiled, and calmly said, “axioms, I broke the wine bottle, sorry! Haha, well, how much money a bottle? I do not need to money! ” My heart has influence is his noble character, sorry to tell his voice: “no, this is not breaking when we play each other, let us share it! I don’t need money!” Xylaria also said we are a good boy! We all laughed. Only my brother and I knew the secret. I laugh, laugh is so blissful!

I admire him, and who likes to raise friends! He is “silly” Yes, silly so cute! Even though it’s small, but many of the big shots are from an early age do; many events from such a little thing up; a prosperous, thriving country is made up of a man with a noble character. Well, this is life relentlessly, because there are a lot of things can’t be explained, that would only backfire, undermining the creative atmosphere! Make the social discord. This is the life gives us a vivid morality test, we learned to behave, how to treat people!

Actually do good does not difficult’s, as long as let people think you respect others areare doing have a maximum of good have! Life gives has us emotionally. Let us know has happy is simple to! Ancestors gives has us virtue. Let us understand has virtue is simple to! As long as we know friendly others and thanksgiving others, others also will friendly to treat and thanksgiving we! This is fathers left us of traditional virtue! Such as on worthy of ancestors of expects, on can will Chinese of civilization and virtue is good to heritage down has!

World most beautiful reading voice

The most beautiful sound in the world, I believe that it is reading in the classroom, reading aloud in their own homes, and students outside of reading.

I consider the most beautiful sound in the world is the reading in the classroom, such as classmates read out loud and the sound is wonderful. Talking to students not reading, the teacher had the students read, the students read out loud, only after hearing the teacher read aloud “earlier rights that Lü Yue: Secretary of State this when Palm cannot disregard-the Mongolian speech ‘” it sounds wonderful, and also very emotional.

I think the most beautiful sound in the world is in her study, like reading on my own at home, reading aloud, and MOM and dad taught you to read the text, reading with feelings, my father read aloud, the word “good”. MOM whispered read two words “fluent”.

The most beautiful sound in the world is there are many. I think since the childhood reading books are the most beautiful sound.

The Ching Ming Festival under a heavy rain

So hands gently caressed my cheek; there’s a voice ringing in my ear; such a face, floating through my head.

Under continuous light rain outside the window, “quagmire Festival has rain, pedestrians in deep sorrow”, lingering rains thick diagonal weave, graves of people coming and going with a heavy heart. Standing at the window, watching the constant stream of grave-sweepers is, watching the Misty Rain. I couldn’t help but think of you.

April 08, you go. I remember the day you left me in the spring, has left us. Clear again to, time flowing quietly, for five years, you have a five-year, however, in the past five years, I’m unsocial, I did not go to see you again.

For five years, you left me for five years, but left memories to me, you do not die.

My childhood, are you that old figure, and that you are together for four years, was my best good time of you with my childhood, watching me grow up. I remember, days I sick Shi, you that anxious of look, concerns of greeting; I remember, days I of parents is not I of side of that half time in, others said I is didn’t people to Shi, you that warm of arms, comfort words language; I remember, day I left you Shi, you that took of told, not homes of look; I remember…… Every time you smile deeply imprinted in my mind, I can’t forget, and your bits and pieces together, are my most precious memories.

Five years ago, you went, you died in a drizzle of the night, leaving me, left us, you went so peaceful, going in such a hurry, I didn’t you die by your side at the last minute, to see you one last time. Indeed, I almost cannot give you a ride. I’m unsocial. Return home to your funeral, a door and saw you lying on the Hall, I was stunned, I finally know what called “death”. I quietly walked to your bed, look you in the face, I have long time no notice you. Your temples quietly out of the strands of hair, your face is so peaceful. I think you go at ease. For a few days, I didn’t cry, such as wood, until you buried that day, I knelt down in front of your coffin, tears to flush out, cry Heartbreakers, past all welled with tears, I get it, you have to go.

Grandmother, you all right? You for you in heaven? Do not steal good care of yourself? Grandmother, I always remember you died at the age of 95, for five years, you are 100 years old this year, and if you are still alive, my family five generations live under one roof, had arranged a hundredth birthday, we can offer you. Grandmother, all these years, I grew up, sensible, and no longer naughty wayward. Grandma, Grandpa and Grandma’s body is a very good thing. Grandmothers, cousins who are married, little cousin are engaged. Grandmother, your black grandson and granddaughter recently born. Grandmother, we’re very fine. Grandma, you should feel at ease in the sky. Grandmother, how about you? How you get heaven? I think you have… …

Tears quietly slide, memories. With this rain lingering and you go as rain, rain, think love, pours down, getting thicker. Grandma, I really, really, want you

Time, walking

Since then, primary time flies, we entered junior high school, songs aspeople scattered. Primary school as a highlight, decorated with our gloriouslife. Also remember had everyone in with said laughing laugh, dark has everyone is also reluctantly of said to in chat a will, a will again back, can a chat on to has late at night; also remember had everyone poly in with, nothing on out play; remember fast graduated of when, everyone hold in with cried, until has a a people opening said “cry what, yihou also will see of” so everyone will will immediately face (really not know at how wants to of actually became so fast) began with planning yihou, not know from what when began, We set up so many feelings, have said grow up to remember no matterhow elementary school students, no matter how can students being bulliedwould rather take a beating, let alone suffer this is elementary, simple,simple
Time really flies, beginning to end, the second day is coming, I don’t thinkwe will see it? Will be the same as before? Friends still talk about anything? Also dramas like the Siamese people in it?

Another little piece of my sky

When cobwebs mercilessly sealed up my stove, when the ashes of cigaretteswith the ideal floating away, I will still use that memorable music,rekindled hope.
There was a time when classical music came into my growing up. So much of mylife another sky. Classical music not pop music trends than jazz passion,but it can be enlightening.
Time and Tide
Remember that afternoon, as if flowers are not showy, tough grass no longertrees no longer straight. In short, everything seemed bleakI failed in theexam. First, although teachers will be riding on the shoulders of deepexpectation and attentive of parents encouraged, but did not feel heavy. Andnow, what with everything like a bubble, fleeting. My heart hanging a pieceof lead, heavy! Not to know that it will have an end…… “Paula Tsui deep sensational singing the song of Time and Tide inadvertently came to my ears. The mellow sound, meaningful song my heart is cut off with a lead ropeis hanging. “How hard the day I accept, how bitter or let go……” and I can’t help but sing along, say a gurgle comes to mind easily. Becauseclassical music became another sky, so I realized that no permanentfailures, only temporary was not successful.
Before I spend money like water, particularly love, no matter how much theprice, always buy the first time. Once, when my friends and I go shopping, atalking kitty8 cat 3×10 meters per second in my eyes. Thus, the price for100 kitty cat I‘m happy holding into Daddy‘s car. Dad took one look and knewit wasn’t 100 and 50, but he didn’t say anything. Within minutes, theatmosphere here seriously. Dad, press the music button, then lead singer Sam Hui‘s dozen constantly echoed through the car. Lyrics something like saying that people make money is not easy. Later, I figured it out. Yes, Dad‘smoney is flesh and blood! I knew dad was intended, everyone has their owngood, if you bought every piece, it must wait till you become a billionaire.Because classical music became another sky, so I know from thriftextravagance were reasonable.
Childhood, classical music accompanies me to grow.
Now classical music with me unfailing.
The future, classical music will lead me to life!
When the pupa when efforts to break out of the cocoon and, when ideal forfloating away came back again, I will use that memorable classical music,light the road of life.

Earth cry

In universe of a hospital outside, one covered distributed with smell of Granny “Earth” are a lame a turn of towards hospital go to, nurse mercury saw has patients to’s on quickly to helped she, to has front only see clear is she of Earth sister doubts of asked; ‘ Earth sister for decades years missing you how into such’s Ah, and Earth very hard of see has long only see is Mercury nurse, with weak of tone said; ‘ original is Mercury sister Ah ‘ mercury very doubts puzzled of asked; ‘ sister, hundreds of years Qian you is so of beautiful noble, Now you of children are “human” are development of so good, you should more beautiful’s, can now, and, and, and Earth heard here burst into pain has up said; ‘ human now developed’s, can not know love they of mother has, they large of cut trees, put I of bun windbreaker are broke’s, so desert large swallowed I of blood put I are lane into has surface old beads yellow of woman’s ‘. Says the Earth a deep sigh, mercurynurse sighed with the Earth.
To quickly doctor Earth thanks has mercury nurse on hurried go to Dipper attending doctor there to’s, Dipper fee has good big strength only check out Earth of disease, Earth see has check report Hou almost cry out, she pleaded doctor had to she of disease, but doctor said, human is Earth of dominated who, so also only human to rule good she of disease, doctor also powerless Ah, listening to finished Earth sad despair of go has, again go to hospital front Shi Earth issued has cries.
Doctor the next day were made by the Big Dipper low; Earth today to thehospital to see a doctor, looking at her poor appearance I felt very bad,man, when do you know to protect your mother.
Human beings are children of the Earth, but also masters of the Earth andprotect the Earth, is everyone‘s responsibility.

In my eyes of Zhuge Liang

In my eyes of Zhuge Liang
Baicheng Hamming primary six class five Gao Peiqin
The four great Chinese classical masterpieces, I was impressed, said worldevents, which have long together, together for a long time, Romance of thethree kingdoms, it‘s impressive because there is only one, and that isbecause of Zhuge Liang.
Zhuge Liang‘s smart world, man’s best plans ever, and unchallenged, known asthe Dragon. Shine like a star who will never let him quietly and live likea little Ant, so Liu Bei Academia Sinica that leave a story. After Zhuge Liang reinstated soon assist Liu Bei established Shu Kingdom.
Zhuge Liang‘s clever world is reflected in many specific instances, for example, qiqinqizong Meng Huo. When practices many people against Zhuge Liang Shu, now that the captured Meng Huo, you should immediately beheaded,Shu Guo Wei. But where do those people know of Zhuge Liang’s plan for a long time? If chopping a Meng Huo, and there‘s more southern Meng generationafter generation, once again rose in revolt, so that when Shu can be genuinepeace? Instead, the less hardy, do a thorough, Meng Huo really convinced, go back and lead the southern, and never rebelled. It embodies the wisdom ofZhuge Liang.
Spirit of Zhuge Liang’s loyalty is more worthy of my admiration. Liu Beibefore his death told Zhuge Liang, Shu if his son Liu Chan has the abilityto rule, hope Zhuge Liang will do all it can to help him and vice versa,Zhuge Liang to be independent is King. Read the romance of the three kingdoms knows that Liu Chan was a reluctant and Le male, hisintelligence and ability are well known. But Zhuge Liang to repay Liu Bei‘sautobiography, however refused to stand on for the King, has been dedicatedto help Liu Chan until killed Wu Zhang Yuan.
This is Zhuge Liangin my eyesis loyal, smart world, a hero I admirecomplete prostration.

Children’s troubles

Almost all adults think that young children are the most trouble, mostcarefree. As everyone knows, children will have a lot of trouble, especiallygrowing up, trouble is many!
My friends came to the House to play, this is a very happy thing, but havealways chat to the scores of children on both sides. If you get well, saidgo out or have a face, but if you didn’t do well, Daddy will take you andthe children on the other, say how good other people, at that time, you will be very upset, why they can’t compare with others and how their school is bad?
A to put summer, finally can good fun has, is also to lessons, a fill is two months, didn’t want to lessons is and no, dad mother on will said you on know play, again play results are to off to behind has, lessons also is play, to play yihou on don’t school has, or you on like others as, without lessons, results also top, this certainly is impossible of has, didn’t approach, had to follow parents of command. Winter vacation time is short,the thought that without makeup can play happy, unexpectedly, practice testsand millions to buy back, just his head and to be wise, so you can save alot of things, and also makes it easy to play.
In the class, worry about more. Answer the question wrong, you answer was,if you like a wood froze that, the teacher has to say, how you will not. Ialways say: I want to answer it, but I just can’t, what can be done ~~ jobcareless mistake when, while being slapped, mild curse word, well, why theteacher did the violence. Girls are generally not make too many mistakes,boys would be out. Always fights, sometimes chased by the teacher to see, weget a call, is one of several in serious slap, the boys also want to begood, but this is their nature is!!
So, people who don’t say kids without any trouble.