In a Word Life

From the babble of our time, our life is a foregone conclusion.
Appears to be have to say every day. Because of it, we can communicateunimpeded with others because it, sometimes we realize philosophy of life,for us to take control of their own life better because it, we will awakenfrom a frustrated remorse, snap out of it. While I was hearing the case,,,
When I was in elementary, I all day for their standard English pronunciationis not remorse.
Once an English lesson, never pay attention in class, my English teacher inthe class publicly called on me to answer the question, is this treatment, splash ruddy face red as a full Apple, makes people want to bite impulses. I creak readers, obviously I read well, he shook his head andmotioned me to sit down, then anger on his face and kept knocking on theruler on the platform said: these kids, said answer doesn’t come withoutgood listening in class, you can read simply,,, perhaps he does not knowthe consequences of this sentence. Since then, the students took my Englishpronunciation is not a typical thing to laugh at me, sarcasm. Depressed mygrades plummeted.
An English test scores down, but it took me by surprise, and this is what Ilearned from school and failed the first time. My heart a kind ofindescribable feeling, thinking, this is so bad the silence and let themmake a smile back, on the way home from school, I have intentionally sloweddown, but at the time seemed to be against me, then long and like a minute.
I sat on the bench in the side of the road, think lather and think of how itcan ask to not be angry? A second time in the past, the 7:30, next to myGranny came to pick up plastic bottles, I did not pay attention to her, butshe was very kindly asked me this question: girl, why don’t you go home! I told him the reason, she‘s a serious, kindly said to me: it’s OK, failedthis time harder next time, if you don’t in this regard, it must beinquisitive, until they fully understand, then I believe you will succeed. Grandma, my guide, from that day, my English rose rapidly, the students alsohas been impressive to me.
Yes, when something you are not familiar with it, you should get, when youreally know the reasons, then, you will surely succeed on that matter,believe in own strength!

Remember you are the most beautiful

Mum asked his son, what if I am blind?
I‘ll take you to the best hospital in the world. The son replied.
What if the cure? MOM asked.
I‘ll always take care of you. My son said.
Son asked her mother: what if I am blind?
Mother said, I‘ll give you my eyes for.
This is what I see in the reader of an article, although only a few lines ofdialogue, I was deeply shocked: what a great love it!
Luckily, I also have a love for my mother, although she was not earth-shattering feat, but in my heart, mother is the towering trees on the roadwhere I grew up.
My mother was a primary school teacher, Mandarin very well, I grew uplistening to the stories his mother. The infant pictorial, the 1001 nights, Grimm’s fairy tales, … … These amazing stories MOM always whispered,that I never hear enough, often have to make a long, long time before theywould give up his mother. Now think about it, how innocent I am, mother day,always want to dumb down the throat, but obedient to my story demands. Inthese stories, I have come to know a lot of words, then, I don’t have my mother told me a story, I will read the story books, but mother is mywalking dictionary. Every time before you go to bed, MOM and I would eachhold meditation books to read, it can be said, is the mother of subtle so Ifell in love with reading, in the book, I saw a wider world.
Mother is capable. Since my dad works in Hangzhou, can go home on theweekend, so usually the mother will act as the father and mother of tworoles. Not to mention the housework, even small failure on the householdstuff, such as tripping, toilet leak or remove range hood cleaning,repair my bike and so on, may need dad to live in someone’s home, at ourHouse was always MOM show done. See my other children played with theirfather in the community, mother also bought badminton, table tennis, Scooterand other sports with me. My sports has always been weak, particularlythrowing medicine balls is my weakness, practice with my mom borrowed fromschool medicine ball, I threw, my mother thrown, hands-on demonstrations,went to the trouble, so I can pass in physical training. In second grade, in order to train my endurance, after mother sent me to school in the morningevery day, just let me run around the playground with her. I think my 1000metres, not too bad now, but also with the time of exercise!
To create a better learning environment for me, we moved to jiaxing zhapu.Because of her mother‘s work is also at zhapu, so six points less than aday, and she will wake up ready to go to work, come home from work, but alsoto help me with my homework. If I have a slight illness, she is more busy.Remember my senior year, I caught a cold persistent fever contractedpneumonia and had to be hospitalized. My mother took me in the hospital fora series of tests, the saline all preparations, is already at 8 o’clock in the evening, but the doctor said the urgency of the situation was suspendedfor five bottles. I had burned the whole people faint, not long before hefell asleep. Have fever the next day, I learned from my mother yesterday,full of salty water for 8 hours, from 8 o’clock in the evening until fouro’clock in the morning, mother watched, dared to close one eye.
A philosopher said: mother is a can’t finish reading the book. Yes, MOM,your love, I shall never forget it. Remember, MOM, you are the mostbeautiful!

In winter, not heartless

Winter‘s arrival heralds the beginning of spring
Winter is coming, snow girl, with her light and cheerful. When she comes,dressed in good morning, white silk, also shows her white and not tainted bythe world of Holiness. They say winter is relentless, but I don’t think so,because I can see her good side.
In winter, people were dressed in warm and colorful down jacket, no one tofeel the cold of winter. If someone is wearing a thin dress when flying overthe snow, in the past, people must think this is stupid and abnormalbehavior. Because they are already accustomed to the comfort of life, does not want to go to this crime.
However, as we all know, comfortable life hard, and requires effort. In theprocess of trying to, is it not already colorful world temptation yet?
Effort this time will be very tough, this tough life is not like it cold inwinter? After winter, not spring? Warm spring flowers. Not as hard after thecomfortable life?
Yes, it’s like, but not all, winter is a Holy spring is warm. The process is not all light, in which doping dishonest ugly faces. In this colorfulworld, has not entirely bright region, each seemingly bright area, may notnecessarily be mixed with spots.
Effort is not a fault, but a kind of behavior that should be promoted, beenpromoted efforts that must be bright, the efforts must be fully present ineverybody‘s eyes.
In your efforts, if you encounter a dishonest representative, he gives youtwo paths, a path that deviates from the honest but flat, dry bumpy road oneis honest, which one would you choose? If you are open to temptation, pleaseclose your eyes and stood in the snow, winter and the snow girl what to do.When stood on the white snow, you‘ll be surrounded by the cold, you‘ll bewhite infected. Then you will reflect on their own conduct is right, orwrong, then you will want to keep a Holy heart!
Winter is spring, winter is cold and spring will feel more warm, so hard thetree fruits and the same is true of
Harvest under snow is the motto of our perseverance, has encouraged us to grasp the nettle and, keep true, good and beautiful.

Taught me the truth

I love to read books, in addition to watching the news I hardly ever go tothe reach of computer and television, however, the book has taught me manythings.
In my free time, I always pick up Helen Keller biographyif you give methree days of light, I feel, as Mark Twain said: the 19th century there were two people, a Napoleon, a Helen Keller. It is well known that she hadan unusual childhood.
Not blind to her, she also loves his hometown, but an illness took away herbeautiful eyes and sensitive ears, for her help her lose faith in life, andgradually she lost the ability to speak. I feel sorry for her, but a kid todo? I looked down. Indeed, the only monkey before when she was seven years old, but at the age of seven years, her governess changes her.
Annie Sullivan teacher, in I impression in the is she, I some forgotten has, this matter, important of is she open has Helen heart of door, she began taught Helen Keller learn wrote words, I much moved, fate on Helen Keller so not fair, but she in teacher help Xia “heavy was new”, I also has been complained himself didn’t others good, but compared other people, like Helen Keller, I than she has more, I why is than she when?
The back cover of the book there is a sayingwe are grateful,unfortunately. I think about it, it is not telling me the truth? Poorstudents do well in more privileged people, or more industrious, they haveincreased their seeds out of poverty, and we enjoy at the same time to pushmyself, Helen Keller did not do very well yet?
This book deeply inspired me, taught me, the more I loved like family books!

Beloved teacher

The teacher you will suddenly see another year.
Ask grade junior high school students to borrow six books under book, onlyto find the eye to the graduation season. Teachers in an instant and youhave six months, respectively, by the upcoming new year, write a thin textsent to you. New year, happy.
This article would like to give my most beloved math teacher.
Chen, why are separated I started trapped in endless memory of Miss, whythen do not know how to cherish.
Chen, thank you. You may not know, how much you give a student.
Teacher I remember your stay with our group of innocent children growing uptime. Remember you hearty laughter, your powerful grace, and memories have been pleasant. It seems you must have been so vigorous, so people wereinfected by you, driven, and then I completely fell in love withmathematics. Your influence for me, has been unable to use language candescribe.
Teacher. I‘ve missed you.
Teacher, what language I want to use to describe the impression of you? Youleft so hurry, do not say school, school math class representative of theclass next door to ask me to say q I realized you when you want to go, fastcould not accept. Reminded of the last time and the teacher‘s talk was thegrade report when in the corridor. When you are in high spirits, you toldseveral jokes to go schools, pushing and shoving, very lively. At that timewe all thought that you will continue to teach classes or go to the next room, you just walk away from. End of grade five, my math final exam fewsecond, I have not made a perfect answer, you just walk away from. Vagueregret. Not long ago to chat with you, I am down to tell you that the mathis only the second time at the end of this semester, you comforted me. Youdo not know, how many times this semester I am seriously with students, saidno matter what, I have to learn math, and I can’t sorry Chen. I’m sorry,Sir, I may let you down. In any case, mathematics, will always be myfavorite subject.
Teacher, how I want to use words to describe you thank? Thank you, teacher.You taught me two years of mathematics, two years, into the I love math.Reminds the teacher my first math class, can’t remember what, but rememberthat you got me, to say, do so soon, what‘s your name and perhaps fromthat time, I was determined to do our best. Teacher, now I can do math homework fast, give your work in the others dumbfounded, just getting boredat the next time, think before you, grace smiled and said I was careless.Teachers, please allow me to bow deeply to you, really, thank you.
Teacher, I want to outline what kind of sentence is time passing? Rememberwhen I was young, cheerfully looking forward to math class every day, youlook to how dusty lectures, with humor, easy language to transfer the newknowledge. You became one of us, time plays together, it really makes memiss. You to us, except the teacher are friends. Today, the view remains the same, people are not. How do I recall, every time when I think is reallycare nothing tears.
Teacher, teacher, I will always remember the time.
Remember, those gorgeous Sun time, chasing you around the boy. Teachers, youwill shine like the Sun, shining. The scattered light, faint laughterfloating in the air, carried by flies time really did bring to mind. Why,those stories until now is still palpable, aren’t you, those frozen moments,already engraved in my mind. Teacher, you are young in mind.
Remember, your bright eyes and long long look. Teacher, you are as pure aswater, reflecting a wide variety of the world, and a growing teenager. Youto students of different abilities, your tolerance for our understanding,you feeling against the world, even is you take a joke with us, let usremember with a smile.
Teachers, you my language teacher, not directly to praise me, I expect fromyou commend the eyes tell you for sure. Thinking of you in my school reportbook teacher wrote a column saying, you are a very good girl. …… Oh mydear teacher, thank you.
Once. Those frozen moments, however is:
With a smug smile to usyou, spread a joke.
When I am late with my maths homework, laughed and chided me, and stoodaside, I smile and Yes agree.
Help you breathe ink, hand book, chasing your ruckus.
Somewhere in the hallway passed a of a moment.
Teacher, I don’t know if it‘s all people like me like to wallow in the past,remembering once. Read shadow talking about those things to let go. I do notsee my past, can’t do it. I was very fond of looking back, anterior viewfinish. But now, where I want to go to your image.
Teacher, I want to thank you for all you have given me. How, and to what isbecoming the past.
Teachers, please let me tell you solemnly that, thank you. Perhaps, I can only say, just a thank you.
You must be happy. Very nice the way you laugh.
Appearing before such a vague picture: do not know how long into the future,I do not know names of places, do not know the moments of time, so that Ican for your smile blossoming face indifferent to know, Hello teacher.