Born to Win

Each human being is born as something new, something that never existed before. Each is born with the capacity to win at life. Each person has a unique way of seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and thinking. Each has his or her own unique potentials—capabilities and limitations. Each can be a significant, thinking, aware, and creative being—a productive person, a winner.
The word “winner” and “loser” have many meanings. When we refer to a person as a winner, we do not mean one who makes someone else lose. To us, a winner is one who responds authentically by being credible, trustworthy, responsive, and genuine, both as an individual and as a member of a society.
Winners do not dedicated their lives to a concept of what they imagine they should be; rather, they are themselves and as such do not use their energy putting on a performance, maintaining pretence and manipulating others. They are aware that there is a difference between being loving and acting loving, between being stupid and acting stupid, between being knowledgeable and acting knowledgeable. Winners do not need to hide behind a mask.
Winners are not afraid to do their own thinking and to use their own knowledge. They can separate facts from opinions and don’t pretend to have all the answers. They listen to others, evaluate what they say, but come to their own conclusions. Although winners can admire and respect other people, they are not totally defined, demolished, bound, or awed by them.
Winners do not play “helpless”, nor do they play the blaming game. Instead, they assume responsibility for their own lives. They don’t give others a false authority over them. Winners are their own bosses and know it.
A winner’s timing is right. Winners respond appropriately to the situation. Their responses are related to the message sent and preserve the significance, worth, well-being, and dignity of the people involved. Winners know that for everything there is a season and for every activity a time.
Although winners can freely enjoy themselves, they can also postpone enjoyment, can discipline themselves in the present to enhance their enjoyment in the future. Winners are not afraid to go after what he wants, but they do so in proper ways. Winners do not get their security by controlling others. They do not set themselves up to lose.
A winner cares about the world and its peoples. A winner is not isolated from the general problems of society, but is concerned, compassionate, and committed to improving the quality of life. Even in the face of national and international adversity, a winner’s self-image is not one of a powerless individual. A winner works to make the world a better place.

Very very love letters

More than 20 years ago, my wife and I fell in love with years.
That time, words and actions must be based on the second. People of all ethnic groups throughout the country in the heart of the Red Sun of Chairman Mao, as the highest criterion, I distinctly remember it took me two weeks of spare time, Mao Zedong set and read it again from beginning to end of the quotations from Chairman Mao,only sperm out his few paragraphs, wrote her first love letter
Highest order
Force at the core leading our cause forward is the Chinese Communist Party.
Guiding our thinking is based on the theory of Marxism-Leninism.
We are from all over, for a common revolutionary goals, come together to · · · · · ·Our cadres must care about every ~ a warrior, all revolutionary forces man to closeto each other, love each other and help each other.
Nothing is more important than understanding, support and friendship.
To resolve the problem of dressing, eating problems, housing problems, and problems, and disease problems, marital problems. In short, all people of real life problems, are problems that we should.
Young people is to play a little more, a little more entertainment, jumping bouncing,or they‘ll be happy. To fall in love, get married in the future.
There no such thing as love, nor hate for no reason.
Considers that the external factors are changing the conditions of materialist dialectics, internal factors are changing according to, external source for the effect. Chicken egg games when the temperature, but temperature can change stone into a chicken, because according to them is different.
To capture the · · · · · · What are fast, not relax, catch. Caught tight, don’t scratch.
Resolute, fear no sacrifice and surmount every difficulty to win victory.
Our goal must be achieved.
Our goal will be achieved.
Transcribed after these quotes, I think there is no much to write. Then dare to useDear sui words only in a Orthodox gay xxx call. I boldly she wrote
I like you
I hope you can love me like I love you
Chairman Mao teaches us that. We Chinese people are proud of. So, I can’t
The strong.
Just as underground pass information, as I handed her the letter. At that time, shehas people parties, but I have no one. Her work earlier than me, than I do, better homes than I. Picture you and me after the news came out, say bad. Just as I was feeling anxious when I received a note from her, with only two quotations from Chairman Mao
Highest order
Want me to all the people, all live and work, not rely on rumors, raise false alarms.Qieqiecibu.
In all things, who is the first precious. Under the leadership of the Communist Party,
There are people, every kind of miracle can be created.
Later, I interviewed several times, and then later, they married. However, so far wehave failed to create a miracle, mediocre career does not earn much. Consolation ismarried for more than 20 years the couple to each other, the only son I have a bright future.
First love letter, remain forever in my memory.