In winter, not heartless

Winter‘s arrival heralds the beginning of spring
Winter is coming, snow girl, with her light and cheerful. When she comes,dressed in good morning, white silk, also shows her white and not tainted bythe world of Holiness. They say winter is relentless, but I don’t think so,because I can see her good side.
In winter, people were dressed in warm and colorful down jacket, no one tofeel the cold of winter. If someone is wearing a thin dress when flying overthe snow, in the past, people must think this is stupid and abnormalbehavior. Because they are already accustomed to the comfort of life, does not want to go to this crime.
However, as we all know, comfortable life hard, and requires effort. In theprocess of trying to, is it not already colorful world temptation yet?
Effort this time will be very tough, this tough life is not like it cold inwinter? After winter, not spring? Warm spring flowers. Not as hard after thecomfortable life?
Yes, it’s like, but not all, winter is a Holy spring is warm. The process is not all light, in which doping dishonest ugly faces. In this colorfulworld, has not entirely bright region, each seemingly bright area, may notnecessarily be mixed with spots.
Effort is not a fault, but a kind of behavior that should be promoted, beenpromoted efforts that must be bright, the efforts must be fully present ineverybody‘s eyes.
In your efforts, if you encounter a dishonest representative, he gives youtwo paths, a path that deviates from the honest but flat, dry bumpy road oneis honest, which one would you choose? If you are open to temptation, pleaseclose your eyes and stood in the snow, winter and the snow girl what to do.When stood on the white snow, you‘ll be surrounded by the cold, you‘ll bewhite infected. Then you will reflect on their own conduct is right, orwrong, then you will want to keep a Holy heart!
Winter is spring, winter is cold and spring will feel more warm, so hard thetree fruits and the same is true of
Harvest under snow is the motto of our perseverance, has encouraged us to grasp the nettle and, keep true, good and beautiful.