Taught me the truth

I love to read books, in addition to watching the news I hardly ever go tothe reach of computer and television, however, the book has taught me manythings.
In my free time, I always pick up Helen Keller biographyif you give methree days of light, I feel, as Mark Twain said: the 19th century there were two people, a Napoleon, a Helen Keller. It is well known that she hadan unusual childhood.
Not blind to her, she also loves his hometown, but an illness took away herbeautiful eyes and sensitive ears, for her help her lose faith in life, andgradually she lost the ability to speak. I feel sorry for her, but a kid todo? I looked down. Indeed, the only monkey before when she was seven years old, but at the age of seven years, her governess changes her.
Annie Sullivan teacher, in I impression in the is she, I some forgotten has, this matter, important of is she open has Helen heart of door, she began taught Helen Keller learn wrote words, I much moved, fate on Helen Keller so not fair, but she in teacher help Xia “heavy was new”, I also has been complained himself didn’t others good, but compared other people, like Helen Keller, I than she has more, I why is than she when?
The back cover of the book there is a sayingwe are grateful,unfortunately. I think about it, it is not telling me the truth? Poorstudents do well in more privileged people, or more industrious, they haveincreased their seeds out of poverty, and we enjoy at the same time to pushmyself, Helen Keller did not do very well yet?
This book deeply inspired me, taught me, the more I loved like family books!