Remember you are the most beautiful

Mum asked his son, what if I am blind?
I‘ll take you to the best hospital in the world. The son replied.
What if the cure? MOM asked.
I‘ll always take care of you. My son said.
Son asked her mother: what if I am blind?
Mother said, I‘ll give you my eyes for.
This is what I see in the reader of an article, although only a few lines ofdialogue, I was deeply shocked: what a great love it!
Luckily, I also have a love for my mother, although she was not earth-shattering feat, but in my heart, mother is the towering trees on the roadwhere I grew up.
My mother was a primary school teacher, Mandarin very well, I grew uplistening to the stories his mother. The infant pictorial, the 1001 nights, Grimm’s fairy tales, … … These amazing stories MOM always whispered,that I never hear enough, often have to make a long, long time before theywould give up his mother. Now think about it, how innocent I am, mother day,always want to dumb down the throat, but obedient to my story demands. Inthese stories, I have come to know a lot of words, then, I don’t have my mother told me a story, I will read the story books, but mother is mywalking dictionary. Every time before you go to bed, MOM and I would eachhold meditation books to read, it can be said, is the mother of subtle so Ifell in love with reading, in the book, I saw a wider world.
Mother is capable. Since my dad works in Hangzhou, can go home on theweekend, so usually the mother will act as the father and mother of tworoles. Not to mention the housework, even small failure on the householdstuff, such as tripping, toilet leak or remove range hood cleaning,repair my bike and so on, may need dad to live in someone’s home, at ourHouse was always MOM show done. See my other children played with theirfather in the community, mother also bought badminton, table tennis, Scooterand other sports with me. My sports has always been weak, particularlythrowing medicine balls is my weakness, practice with my mom borrowed fromschool medicine ball, I threw, my mother thrown, hands-on demonstrations,went to the trouble, so I can pass in physical training. In second grade, in order to train my endurance, after mother sent me to school in the morningevery day, just let me run around the playground with her. I think my 1000metres, not too bad now, but also with the time of exercise!
To create a better learning environment for me, we moved to jiaxing zhapu.Because of her mother‘s work is also at zhapu, so six points less than aday, and she will wake up ready to go to work, come home from work, but alsoto help me with my homework. If I have a slight illness, she is more busy.Remember my senior year, I caught a cold persistent fever contractedpneumonia and had to be hospitalized. My mother took me in the hospital fora series of tests, the saline all preparations, is already at 8 o’clock in the evening, but the doctor said the urgency of the situation was suspendedfor five bottles. I had burned the whole people faint, not long before hefell asleep. Have fever the next day, I learned from my mother yesterday,full of salty water for 8 hours, from 8 o’clock in the evening until fouro’clock in the morning, mother watched, dared to close one eye.
A philosopher said: mother is a can’t finish reading the book. Yes, MOM,your love, I shall never forget it. Remember, MOM, you are the mostbeautiful!