In a Word Life

From the babble of our time, our life is a foregone conclusion.
Appears to be have to say every day. Because of it, we can communicateunimpeded with others because it, sometimes we realize philosophy of life,for us to take control of their own life better because it, we will awakenfrom a frustrated remorse, snap out of it. While I was hearing the case,,,
When I was in elementary, I all day for their standard English pronunciationis not remorse.
Once an English lesson, never pay attention in class, my English teacher inthe class publicly called on me to answer the question, is this treatment, splash ruddy face red as a full Apple, makes people want to bite impulses. I creak readers, obviously I read well, he shook his head andmotioned me to sit down, then anger on his face and kept knocking on theruler on the platform said: these kids, said answer doesn’t come withoutgood listening in class, you can read simply,,, perhaps he does not knowthe consequences of this sentence. Since then, the students took my Englishpronunciation is not a typical thing to laugh at me, sarcasm. Depressed mygrades plummeted.
An English test scores down, but it took me by surprise, and this is what Ilearned from school and failed the first time. My heart a kind ofindescribable feeling, thinking, this is so bad the silence and let themmake a smile back, on the way home from school, I have intentionally sloweddown, but at the time seemed to be against me, then long and like a minute.
I sat on the bench in the side of the road, think lather and think of how itcan ask to not be angry? A second time in the past, the 7:30, next to myGranny came to pick up plastic bottles, I did not pay attention to her, butshe was very kindly asked me this question: girl, why don’t you go home! I told him the reason, she‘s a serious, kindly said to me: it’s OK, failedthis time harder next time, if you don’t in this regard, it must beinquisitive, until they fully understand, then I believe you will succeed. Grandma, my guide, from that day, my English rose rapidly, the students alsohas been impressive to me.
Yes, when something you are not familiar with it, you should get, when youreally know the reasons, then, you will surely succeed on that matter,believe in own strength!