The United States, to use your heart to find

The United States, where is it? I took one of these mysteries, trying tofind beauty in the Park. Walk walk, a beautiful landscape attracts me.
A woman sings a song next to the flowers. She was last seen wearing a whitedress, with beautiful black hair, a pair of intense big eyes, people might feel lost; a gust of wind blew over, feeling the woman just like a fairy.Because of this, but also attracted many people stop to take a wait-and-see.Thought, this is what I was looking for the United States. Later, however,has changed.
Suddenly, a cleaner push garbage truck, sweaty, step by step and gives him,and then, holding a broom in her hand up. Suddenly, all the dust flew intothe Lady‘s body. The Lady ?! A shout, then go to the cleaners, cursed her.At this time, the image of her in my mind totally changed, become hateful,discourteous. However, that was called the cleaners but not the lady did,she said to the woman: I’m sorry. I‘ll take care of it.
The cleaner‘s forgiveness, kindness and due diligence I had to admire her.At this point, I know: I found a real beauty. Real beauty and not relyingsolely on a person‘s face and judge, but through the heart, character,behavior, and to judge.
The United States, is to rely on our hearts to feel, to find out!