Beloved teacher

The teacher you will suddenly see another year.
Ask grade junior high school students to borrow six books under book, onlyto find the eye to the graduation season. Teachers in an instant and youhave six months, respectively, by the upcoming new year, write a thin textsent to you. New year, happy.
This article would like to give my most beloved math teacher.
Chen, why are separated I started trapped in endless memory of Miss, whythen do not know how to cherish.
Chen, thank you. You may not know, how much you give a student.
Teacher I remember your stay with our group of innocent children growing uptime. Remember you hearty laughter, your powerful grace, and memories have been pleasant. It seems you must have been so vigorous, so people wereinfected by you, driven, and then I completely fell in love withmathematics. Your influence for me, has been unable to use language candescribe.
Teacher. I‘ve missed you.
Teacher, what language I want to use to describe the impression of you? Youleft so hurry, do not say school, school math class representative of theclass next door to ask me to say q I realized you when you want to go, fastcould not accept. Reminded of the last time and the teacher‘s talk was thegrade report when in the corridor. When you are in high spirits, you toldseveral jokes to go schools, pushing and shoving, very lively. At that timewe all thought that you will continue to teach classes or go to the next room, you just walk away from. End of grade five, my math final exam fewsecond, I have not made a perfect answer, you just walk away from. Vagueregret. Not long ago to chat with you, I am down to tell you that the mathis only the second time at the end of this semester, you comforted me. Youdo not know, how many times this semester I am seriously with students, saidno matter what, I have to learn math, and I can’t sorry Chen. I’m sorry,Sir, I may let you down. In any case, mathematics, will always be myfavorite subject.
Teacher, how I want to use words to describe you thank? Thank you, teacher.You taught me two years of mathematics, two years, into the I love math.Reminds the teacher my first math class, can’t remember what, but rememberthat you got me, to say, do so soon, what‘s your name and perhaps fromthat time, I was determined to do our best. Teacher, now I can do math homework fast, give your work in the others dumbfounded, just getting boredat the next time, think before you, grace smiled and said I was careless.Teachers, please allow me to bow deeply to you, really, thank you.
Teacher, I want to outline what kind of sentence is time passing? Rememberwhen I was young, cheerfully looking forward to math class every day, youlook to how dusty lectures, with humor, easy language to transfer the newknowledge. You became one of us, time plays together, it really makes memiss. You to us, except the teacher are friends. Today, the view remains the same, people are not. How do I recall, every time when I think is reallycare nothing tears.
Teacher, teacher, I will always remember the time.
Remember, those gorgeous Sun time, chasing you around the boy. Teachers, youwill shine like the Sun, shining. The scattered light, faint laughterfloating in the air, carried by flies time really did bring to mind. Why,those stories until now is still palpable, aren’t you, those frozen moments,already engraved in my mind. Teacher, you are young in mind.
Remember, your bright eyes and long long look. Teacher, you are as pure aswater, reflecting a wide variety of the world, and a growing teenager. Youto students of different abilities, your tolerance for our understanding,you feeling against the world, even is you take a joke with us, let usremember with a smile.
Teachers, you my language teacher, not directly to praise me, I expect fromyou commend the eyes tell you for sure. Thinking of you in my school reportbook teacher wrote a column saying, you are a very good girl. …… Oh mydear teacher, thank you.
Once. Those frozen moments, however is:
With a smug smile to usyou, spread a joke.
When I am late with my maths homework, laughed and chided me, and stoodaside, I smile and Yes agree.
Help you breathe ink, hand book, chasing your ruckus.
Somewhere in the hallway passed a of a moment.
Teacher, I don’t know if it‘s all people like me like to wallow in the past,remembering once. Read shadow talking about those things to let go. I do notsee my past, can’t do it. I was very fond of looking back, anterior viewfinish. But now, where I want to go to your image.
Teacher, I want to thank you for all you have given me. How, and to what isbecoming the past.
Teachers, please let me tell you solemnly that, thank you. Perhaps, I can only say, just a thank you.
You must be happy. Very nice the way you laugh.
Appearing before such a vague picture: do not know how long into the future,I do not know names of places, do not know the moments of time, so that Ican for your smile blossoming face indifferent to know, Hello teacher.